Ask these 3 questions...

And your customers and employees will have a better experience with your organization! 

As a rule, I’m not a fan of lists such as these:  

·       10 steps to improving your CX. 

·       5 methods to improve your contact center performance. 

·       8 surefire ways to achieve improved NPS scores

I’m making an exception to my own rule for a reason.  I think these 3 questions can make sustainable improvements in your organization’s customer experience. 


These questions include input from customers and employees while emphasizing individual accountability for the customer experience. 

Customers. Voice of customer programs are an integral part of any organization’s customer experience strategy.  These programs don’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Involving customers in product, service or policy discussions can be as simple as asking them through emails or phone calls.  Customers will appreciate the opportunity to be involved in your decision-making process.  After all, they have firsthand knowledge of the buying experience with your organization.   

Employees. When I was leading contact center operations, I would often hear our frontline agents say, “What can I do to impact our customer satisfaction scores?” Or, “I’m just one agent, my actions can’t move the needle.”  Helping our agents understand that they do have a role in delivering an exceptional customer experience was critical to our success. Bringing them into the conversation about the products we were developing or the policies we were considering helped make their input real and tangible. 

Accountability. Finally, what can we as individuals do to create a better customer experience?  Can we collaborate better with our adjacent departments?  Can we be more proactive in learning about customer expectations?  Can we improve communications among functions to create a seamless experience?  Can we eliminate the phrase, “it’s not my job?”  Taking personal accountability for creating a better experience can make a positive difference for our fellow employees and customers. 

Ask these 3 questions and create better experiences! 

Robert Azman