What do my clients and colleagues say about me?

Bob Azman brings a unique blend of intelligence, business savvy, and humanity to his consulting. He knows how to drive metrics while motivating people. Having known him across three companies, there are consistent themes of high standards, accountability, drive, and innovation. His intuitive skills allow him to quickly size up problems, create practical solutions and get others on board with his ideas. As a final note- Bob gets things done. Working with Bob raises your organizational IQ and brings a perspective that balances people and bottom line.
— Sarah Bridges, Bridges Consulting
Bob Azman is the ultimate customer experience professional. He helped me set up our customer journey plan and his vast experience and ability to lead planning sessions is superb. I highly recommend Bob.
— Matt Keller, Chief Marketing Officer
Bob worked for us as a consultant several years ago when I took over leadership for our Customer Care department. The work he did for us helped lay the foundation for where we are today with customer service. I highly recommend his services if you get the opportunity.
— Linda Sorenson, Vice President, Sales and Service
Bob brings a unique blend of laser-sharp customer focus, human-centered thinking, and his vast business knowledge to drive strategy and definitive, measurable impact to organizations. His insightful and thoughtful assessment of situations helps teams draw clear decisions and define the impact they are trying to achieve. Bob’s direct, but engaging nature has encouraged our board and our association to more clearly define its strategy, activity prioritization and decision making. I highly recommend Bob for his management style, executive acumen and thoughtful, kind and engaging leadership.
— Diane Magers, CEO, Customer Experience Catalysts