InnovateCX ™

Every InnovateCX™ engagement is customized to evaluate strengths and opportunities, determine the most important CX and business goals, and provide solutions that put the right people, process, and tools in motion.


How It Works.

Our simple, action-oriented approach is our key to innovation. The less prescriptive we are, the more room we have to make big ideas and goals happen. And the better able we are to adapt and bring the greatest value to our clients.

We work alongside our clients to:

  • Understand their most complex customer needs and complete CX ecosystem

  • Identify areas for opportunity using our proprietary Know Me. Help Me. Value Me™ process

  • Design solutions that yield the best results for their company and customers

  • Execute plans that are clear, concise, and effective

  • Improve overall satisfaction by making it easier for their customers to do business with them

How We Can Help.


CX Strategy and Execution

Understanding what happens at each touchpoint is critical to a great customer experience. We look at the broader picture—how customers, employees, partners, and business all come together—to help our clients develop and execute a holistic strategy that meets their overall satisfaction goals. Elements of this work include:

  • Bench-marking and assessing the current state of your CX through an on-site discovery session

  • Analyzing customer touchpoints

  • Completing a journey management assessment

  • Conducting research and analyzing customer data

  • Providing a Experiencing the Experience™ analysis of working with your products and services

  • Creating a gap analysis to identify goals and measures of success

  • Developing a CX roadmap


Sales and Service Experience Design

We take best practices learned from over 25 years of contact center expertise to assess people, processes, and technology within our clients’ contact centers and provide recommendations for delivering an exceptional customer experience. We improve our clients’ sales and service experience by:

  • Assessing contact center ecosystem and metrics, including sales service efficiency and effectiveness

  • Conducting situation analysis to identify process gaps for employees

  • Providing Know Me. Help Me. Value Me ™ analysis to assess customer and employee needs

  • Reviewing and revising policies and procedures that inhibit first call resolution

  • Providing guidance on right-sourcing to address global expansion and cost efficiency

  • Providing overall recommendations for improvement and developing plans to put them in place


CX Talent Development

Developing a strategy is only one part of the journey to great customer experience. You must have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time to execute that strategy effectively. We help our clients address their talent needs by:

  • Assessing existing and future talent in context of overall satisfaction goals

  • Designing roles and responsibilities that align with their CX strategy

  • Aligning recruiting, hiring, on-boarding practices to attract, retain, and prepare for success

  • Designing training that focuses on key skills and competencies for their unique CX needs

  • Developing performance metrics

  • Creating coaching programs for new and existing leaders to drive performance

  • Providing hands-on Customer or Service Experience leadership counsel during times of transition

  • Creating meaningful recognition programs