Happy employees make happy customers!  Cute phrase from days gone by.  Happy doesn't cut it anymore.  We need ecstatic, obsessed colleagues who want to make a difference in their job, their community and their lives.  That's who we want exceeding the expectations of our customers. And that's why they are an integral part of our three-legged stool.  



Sure we need processes to run our businesses.  But are yours consistent, up-to-date, error-free and in-tune with ever-changing customer expectations?  It's one thing to an improve your processes as part of a better experience, it's another whole level to make them responsive; forward-thinking and down right focused on the needs of the customer.  



My father always told me - "Son, you need the right tools for the job".  Ever try to pound a nail with a screwdriver or cut a piece of wood with a butcher knife?  No way!  Then why ask your colleagues to use outdated tools and technology to serve your customers.  This leg of the stool ensures that the tools align with the people and processes to ensure a unified approach to an improved experience.