Life is just a series of freshman years!

My adult children have grown tired of me saying this phrase repeatedly, but it still rings true for me. Deciding to begin a new venture brings with it all the anxiety, worry and irrational fears as did my first day in high school or orientation week at college. Yet, it also brings a certain element of anticipation and excitement as I venture into new yet familiar territory. While it may feel like freshman year, I certainly hope I bring some senior experience to the table!

After years of contemplation and months of planning, today, I’m launching, Innovative CX Solutions, LLC a boutique consulting firm specializing in customer experience, sales and service experience design and talent development. Over ten years ago, I sought to change my career path late in life and begin planning for the next chapter. After spending many years in a variety of companies and industries working in many different functions, I envisioned a time when I would pursue my passions of teaching and consulting, sharing my expertise to help others achieve their goals. It included ensuring time for volunteering and ‘giving back’ to the communities from which I received so many opportunities. Today I’m privileged to lead this consulting practice, teach at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management and Rutgers University while volunteering at the Customer Experience Professional Association as its Vice-Chairperson, mentoring CX professionals and contributing as a CX expert.

Passions pursued. Passions realized.

So, the time has arrived. To my colleagues, past and current clients, thank you for the knowledge you’ve shared and the opportunities you’ve provided.

Today, the journey continues! School is back in session.

Robert Azman3 Comments